Tuesday, December 9, 2014

                                                         Brenda and I in two of her designs
Brenda Asiimwe is the true definition of a fashion designer.She is the proprietor of BDaisy,the Fashion house under which her clothes are made.The best news is she makes all the clothes herself.
 Professional,passionate with an amazing eye for detail,her design style is classic making clothes that even royalty and first ladies can wear.This is such a breath of fresh air considering as many fashion designers in Uganda produce mediocre work.Just because one can cut  and sew a pice of kitenge doesnt make him/her a fashion designer.It's for this reason that the quality of work that Brenda does stands out.
Brenda loves clean cut  pieces with a touch of femininity just like international fashion house, Chanel.More after the cut.....

                                 The collection she showcased at the Kampala Fashion week

If you are looking for a A class outfit on a budget price,look no further than this.Her outfits range from about 60,000 Uganda shillings for a skirt to about 300,000 for a dress.She also makes wedding dresses and is a designer favorite among her friends.
From Sketch to finish
Brenda Asiimwe in one of her collections

                                                                  Me in a BDaisy skirt

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