Friday, February 27, 2015


As i turn 25 next week,I wanted to share with you guys the 25 things most people would be shocked to know about me.
1-I am actually shy.This comes as a shocker to most of my friends with whom am popular for being bold,confident and attacking life by the horns.
2-I am very emotional but am also very strong.Many people mistake my being all smiley and easy going for weakness but am really strong deep down inside.I cant even begin to tell you some of the things I have been through.

3-I am extremely generous.That is like my biggest weakness.I cant stand to see someone else go through something if i can help them.So I am generous with my life experiences,my time and my resources and then i usually regret later on,on how i could be so giving.
4-The death of my dad really affected me.I think i would have been in a different place right now.Some of my fondest memories were when i would present my report card to my dad,complete with the best grades in my class.
5-Am a church girl through and through.I may act a bit crazy,say crazy things but at the end of the day am all about my Jesus.
5-I am a bit of a loner.I thrive on me time,reading,writing ,drawing my fashion sketches and praying.
6-I love little children.My mum says i should start a nursery because i seem to be a kids magnet every where i go.
7-I have more boyfriends than girlfriends.I have had really deep and trustworthy relationships with more boys than girls but i love girls nonetheless.
8-I actually stood for guild president at Makerere University and i learnt a lot from that race.
9.I love to paint and to draw.I always did really well in art class,so when i get rich and bored,I will invite u all to my house to gaze at my Paints.
10.I hate injustice,in whatever form.And i would do anything to have it served.
11-I am very good at public speaking and I have so many certificates to show for it.
12-I have always wanted to be a fashion designer from when i was little.I started on my fashion sketches when i was in p.7 and i think fashion will be my biggest legacy.I was Miss Wildlife and miss independence in high school.
13-I have always wanted to have my own TV show like Oprah's.Cos i love to talk and i love people.But broadcast media seems a dream for now and am stuck in print media for now.
14- My health has always given me issues,I have a painful lump in my left breast,an unstable body PH, and stubborn keloids on my ears.
15-I am going to be making 25 years next week even though i look way younger.
16-Am a community girl.I love matchmaking my friends,i love keeping people together.I hate it when people break up especially over petty reasons.I love it when people come together and are living in harmony.
17:I am a bit mysterious and I cant help it.
18-I have a huge sense of pan Africanism,black consciousness or whatever you may call it.At some point i nursed dreams of being president of this country but i later abandoned them.
19-I hate sugar..I dont do sweet things like bread,cakes,the only exception being ice-cream.I love salty foods such as fish and chips.
20-I cant cook
21-I love to take long walks to anywhere,i can walk and walk and walk,just because.
22-My favourite breakfast has always been a mix of avocado,kacumbari and fried casssava.Weird i know...
23-My favourite colour is red
24-i read and write alot of poetry
25-I am single and not exactly searching for now.I want to make a career for myself first.

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