Saturday, February 28, 2015

HAPPY NEW MONTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So i just want to wish you guys a happy new month.February was hard for me especially on the financial front,so its a relief to welcome march!
March also happens to be my birthday month so preparations are underway to celebrate my 25 years on mother earth,in a very private but intimate party.As you can imagine am super duper excited.
I lastly want to send my love to everybody who reads this blog,may this be the month that you defy gravity and fly to new altitudes.May all the things that seemed impossible and overwhelming become easy and manegeable for you this month.As the year unfolds,and opportunities present themselves i urge you to embrace life's different changes with optimism, and joy and constantly rise to the occasion,reaching beyond yours and other's expectations.Don't let gravity be the one factor that holds you back, because if planes can fly so can you.Aim to have a bird's eye perspective in everything you do,because the view from up there is more calm,more serene and more peaceful.Happy March!

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