Monday, February 23, 2015

 Rihanna has been linked to Leonardo DiCaprio and was said to have spent Valentine with him.He reportedly organised her 27th birthday...However,revealed it is actually his friend she is dating and she really spent Valentine’s Day dancing with Richie Akiva, who owns runs both 1 OAK and Up & Down.

Leonardo DiCaprio, meanwhile, was flirting with other women. And Akiva really raised eyebrows when he gave Rihanna a shout-out on the microphone before the DJ played one of her songs.
Rihanna and Richie

"I've been at 25 to 30 clubs where Rihanna was hanging out,If anyone else had done that, she would've been pissed.Leo was seated at the same table, but he was hitting on different girls. Richie was bouncing between the two of them."
According to Daily News' Confidenti@l,RiRi and Akiva have been inseparable since spending New Year's Eve together while on vacation, with DiCaprio being the latter's wingman.
"Richie was with Rihanna in St. Barth's -- that's where it started,"  "They've been hanging out together a lot. If they're not dating, they're hanging out, you know?"
She's not showing up with Leo, she's showing up with Richie," the eyewitness said before adding that the club owner got on the mic to give a shout-out to Rihanna before having a DJ spin one of her songs.

Richie also shared photos from her 27th birthday

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