Thursday, July 23, 2015

Iam at a point in my life that i would refer to as the transition stage,am not where i used to be but am not where i want to be either.Iam a caterpillar forcing its way into a butterfly and as you can imagine,its as difficult as it is exciting.
For example i have always wanted to be a television presenter complete with a talk show of my own, but the opportunites to be one were scarce and pretty difficult,so i was frustrated about it.
I pretty much had given up on the idea it until recently when i was presented with an opportunity to guest star on a friend's show.Was it what i wanted?No.Was it better than nothing?ofcourse yes!.
In all this I am learning to be happy with the little milestones I make.As an ambitous person  its easy  for me to be preoccupied with the ideal ,such that I miss out on the little blessings that life has to offer,that slowly by slowly eventually lead to the 'big thing.'
Its what most people call 'arrivalism syndrome.'the  refusal to be happy until one achieves their dream goals. Its bad this one.

I choose to contadict it by living my life this way,i will be happy on my journey so that whether i arrive or not,the journey would have been worthwhile.Can i hear an amen?
So my dear sure we all have dreams,dreams to travel,dreams to date and marry*speaking for myself*cough*,dreams to live a lavish lifestyle.And we are painfully chasing them.
But at the sametime we have to realise that life is what happens when we are busy making plans.So as you plan big,remember to enjoy life and to mark the little milestones you overcome with excitement.This will encourage you on your journey and make it all the more worthwhile.
In conclusion, dare to live and dream at the same time.....eventually the pieces will all add up.Until next time,i luh ya!!!!
(In the pictures ,am wearing a blue-purple one arm dress with black wedges.a stack of bangles and my good old weave.)

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