Monday, July 13, 2015

If you have been following my Facebook posts,you know by now, that i love sharing inspirational messages from time to time.Here is why.I realized on a personal level that the more i gave of myself and my experiences the more fulfilled i became.That giving and receiving have a symbiotic relationship,they literally feed off each others palms.
I recently gave away a few of my old clothes and to tell you the truth,i felt much more fulfilled and satisfied than i had been buying ,wearing or holding onto them.The joy i felt afterwards was as if i had received the same clothes ten times as much.
Its important to note however,that one cannot give from an empty vessel.You must posses in order to give.I had to have those clothes first before i gave them away.
 The role of motherhood helps to further illustrate this point very well.Have you ever noticed that when a mother is sad,broken or unhappy this negative energy translates into the general mood of the home?
The wife /mother being the main nurturer and emotional wellspring in the home is therefore  burdened with the task of keeping everyone happy even when she could be dying inside.But for how long can anyone  be able to do this,without breaking down?
On the upper hand,when a woman is fulfilled and happy,her children will be healthy,her husband will generally be in a good mood and her body will be glowing.The witty phrase 'a happy wife makes a happy home,' was surely coined from here.Read on.....

My advice to everyone and to women especially is to learn to take care of themselves,to be intentional about growing deep in the knowledge of who they are and their maker,to receive in order to give.
Where do you get your fulfillment from?Could it a be a creative project, some alone time with God,a deep connection with friends and family?Whatever keeps your happiness juices flowing,seek to do that.
It takes effort to grow in personal knowledge of yourself and your maker to be able to give,to bear fruit,fruit that is visible to our circle of influence.
The word fruit as used in the bible is symbolic of  influence:how much influence a person has on their environment.
Needless to say,an unforgiving resentful and bitter person is incapable of experiencing personal growth and building healthy relationships with others.And the opposite is true.
Therefore,the deeper we grow in the knowledge of God ,our purpose and selves,the more we are drawn to inspire others,to live lives of fulfillment.Our basket is so full its flowing over,to others.

As i make an effort to pursue consistent personal growth especially in God,(something that i have overlooked for years on end,)I urge you to try and be a much better person not only for yourself but for those you love and your circle of influence in general.
In the pictures above am wearing a hot pink dress with neon sandals.I usually wear high heeled shoes on Sunday but on this day i wanted to feel young and free,s o i opted for these bright as the sun shoes.I added a simple silver belt and pearl and metal bangle to complete the look.

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