Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Producing one hit after another is not Sheebah's only forte,she does so while looking good.As a matter of fact, she is one of the most fashionable musicians we have in Uganda,our very own version of Rihanna.
Today am going to focus on her hair.Sheebah's hair is outstanding in every sense of the word.There is even a hair style named after her.Just walk into a salon and ask for a hairstyle called sheebah and you will get some supercoily and curly thing.That is how unique and  powerful her fashion sense is .
Here are my top ten hair styles from Sheebah,I tell you there are so many.
 And of-course, I explain to youwhat each hairstyle stands for.
1.Emerald green and black braids:Perhaps my favourite,this hairstyle matches Sheebah's wild child personality and then some.

2.Sex siren:this black wavy hair made me want to scream..a little bit subtle for Sheebah but sexy nonetheless.This hairstyle says you are versatile,multi-talented and have a fine balance between the serious and fun.

3.Sheebah rocking 'Sheebah' hair.This is how the hairstyle that was named after her actually looks like.Curly hair equals a fun-loving, warm-hearted personality. Oh, and you do things faster than other people, too.

4.Sheebah the lady;every bad girl has a good side and every good girl has a wild side.This hair brings out Sheebah's good girl aura.Those with wavy hair that's thick and lustrous are innovative and creative.

5.Sheebah from the hood:this red hair piece scream ghetto but is fabulous nonetheless....if you know wat i mean.This hair style says a woman is aggressive and cares less for public opinion or approval.

6.Glam purple girl;coloured hair was such a huge trend last year,and sheebah being a very trendy girl couldn't miss out on this one.We are in love with these purple waves.

7.Green and grey weave.Unconventional,creative,this hairstyle says the wearer is unafraid to try out new things.

8.' BigPencil,'If your hairline goes straight across, it's the sign of a rebel who will break the rules.

9.Brown curls:Curly hair in bright colours means the wearer is fun and adventurous.

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