Sunday, January 17, 2016


The first time I met this woman(online ofcourse), i literally cried tears of joy.I have met so many women who because they are plus size suffer from a low self esteem, so much you can tell from a distance that their weight is the cause their unhappiness.

So to meet a beautiful plus size woman who is totally unapologetic in the way she flaunts her body and  is obviously confident and healthy,was quite thrilling.

I hope that by sharing her pictures, more and more plus size women will be inspired to love themselves and their bodies.

The market for plus size models in Uganda is still small but is steadily increasing.

On a global scale however,more and more plus size models are in demand so we hope the trend will catch up with here as well.
Back to Esther,Lets take a look at the many times she gave us major doses of beauty.

1.In a kitenge print dress.
I love the v neckline and waist line that emphasizes her hour glass figure so well.

2.In an orange and leopard print  strapless dress.That hair alone is everything!!!!!

3.This orange wrap dress is pure magic on Esther,as if it was made with her in mind.
4.   Beach babe..her confidence here is contagious.

5.In an elegant and classy evening outfit.Like a true queen.

6.Soaking in some sun

7.Taking a stroll in the park in a short round dress

8.Black maxi dress fabulosity. You can tell how much she was feeling herself here.

9.Rocking a thigh high slit dress.

10.And a body hugging multi print dress

11.Finally,my favourite picture,Miss oh so fabulous working that white office shirt,girl,yes,yes and yes!!!!!!!

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