Thursday, January 21, 2016


For the record,former Miss Uganda is one of the few stylish celebrity pregnant women we have had in Uganda thus far.
Its like ever since the news of her pregnancy broke out, she has been slaying on us with every outfit in a way that makes pregnancy look fabulous and easy.
To all the ladies out there, being pregnant does not mean giving up on your personal style.It should instead serve as an opportunity to enhance it.
It doesn’t matter if you decide to wear skin-tight clothes to show off your stomach or hide it with flowy tops.You should stay true to whatever style you usually wear just like Sylvia has done and continues to do.

We love that with pregnancy, Sylvia's  personal style did not take a tragic U-turn as is with most women, but was instead enhanced and made her look even more beautiful.

Over the last nine months,her pregnancy looks have been understated with a bit of edge which is the perfect description is Sylvia's style even before pregnancy..
Here are my top ten favourite looks from her.

1.A black sheer top,because why not?

2.Peekaboo,who says  all black has to be boring?
3.Short shorts and a pair of sneakers,go for it~!!
4.A leopard print top,shine on girl!A super comfortble and yet alluring look.
5.A mini cape dress,all types of perfect!

6.All tight everything,bring on the cleavage girl!

7.Girl!!!!!Those boots are everything!
8.Radiant in a blue mesh dress,blue has never looked better!

9.Try on dresses with empire waists or in wrap-around styles. such as Sylvia's below.
10.A colourful light top and aqua pants.Colour is good for you,embrace it!

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