Thursday, May 19, 2016


They have been through it all,they have seen life's ups and downs,they have known sadness,they have known happiness.But through it all, one thing has remained constant ,and that is, their timeless style and beauty.

These women wear the most important accessory of all time and that is confidence in their skin.You will not catch them whining or feeling sorry for themselves, instead they fight for their place in the world with zeal, grace and determination.
This confidence makes them walk a little taller,speak a little more boldly and catch the eye of everybody in the room.
They don't have to wear designer clothes or spend a lot on their appearance,even if they sometimes do,lol, but their style is something that comes from within.A reflection of  their strong personalities.
If you feel good about yourself,appreciate your life and are fully confident in your abilities,it will show in the way you present yourself.

And that my dear friends was my consideration in choosing these women.
This is in order of best dressed to least but making it to this list,is enough, I would think.

1.Zarinah Tlale
The mother of four slays us on a daily with pics of her beautiful family,her beautiful life and her beautiful self.And we adore her.

2.Nana Kagga
When I grow up I want to be like this woman.She is sexiness personified.The film actress, producer and motivational speaker is one of Uganda's finest assets.

3.Queen Best Kemigisa
 She was born to be a queen, its so obvious.Her regalness,beauty and grace are so out of this world, she puts other queens to shame.

4. Jeniffer Musisi
Its not easy to run Kampala city and whereas I don't agree with many of her leadership policies,she always gets us with her style.She is our very own version of Michelle Obama for the way she chooses classy clothes and matching accessories all the time.


5.Sylvia Owori
The fashion powerhouse is a professional designer and a talented one at that.No matter the season in her life,Sylvia always pushes the boundaries with her style and for that she will always be a darling.

6. Yogi Birigwa
As the marketing manager of South African Airways,Yogi Birigwa is invited to and hosts plenty of events.And like the elegant woman she is, she always shows up impeccably dressed.


7.Jessica Kayanja 
Word reaching my desk is that this lady was in the running to be the queen of Buganda, I, however, can't tell how true that is, lol.
But as a pastor's wife of a big church and a pastor herself,the former Gayaza girl is always impeccably dressed in classy clothes that look like they cost her an arm and a leg.

8.Jane Kasumba
She is the managing director of UBC but before she rose through the ranks at the station some people assumed she owned the television itself because of the way she dressed and carried herself.Like a real boss!

9.Her Majesty the queen of Buganda
This lady is beauty and brains combined.When she steps out, its always newsworthy.Her collection of gomesis is always endearing although her hair stylist often fails her.Nonetheless,she is the queen of Buganda and we bow down for her.


10.Santa Anzo
Oh cheery bubbly brilliant Santa,how we love to love you!!!!If you are looking for a role model,stop right here.
This lady is confident,unapologetic and has no airs about her.And her fashion sense is always fun and classy.

11.Sarah Kizito
This business woman is one hell of a fashionista.She takes hours to dress up and dresses sexy most of the time.Her cleavage is always pumped up and she loves to rock her skinny jeans.But no matter what she wears,it will always be beautiful.

12.Judith Babirye
She is a spender,it doesnt matter the price of an evening gown,if Judith Babirye likes it,Judith Babirye will buy it.No wonder she always looks so elegant.

13.Crystal Newman
 Her style is simple yet so eye-catching.  This beautiful intelligent woman is approachable,relate-able and yet such a lady.Her dress sense is something between sexy and classy.

14. Keturah Kamugasa
Well groomed,graceful ,elegant and poised are some of the many beautiful words I can use to describe this lady.She is a classic and wears her pearls and beauty like no other.


15 .Joanita Kawalya
She has been around for ages but her beauty never fades.Even when her clothes are always very decent she somehow manages to be stylish and that, my dears, is elegance.

16.Faridah Nakazibwe
Am I the only one who looks forward to the days when this lady is on TV?Just to see her outfits?Faridah may be one of the youngest on this list but her style sense appeals to women of all ages.She is decent,classy and oh so beautiful!

Other names like Gladys Mukula,Sheila Katumwa didnt make it to this list because of a lack of recent clear pictures to back up that fact that I think they are stylish.So I left them out all together.

On that note,given the list above who is your favorite and why?

Sound off in the comments section below.

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