Monday, May 30, 2016


He has been nicknamed the 'shoe god' for the creative way he breathes life into any shoe.If its an old shoe,he will 'resurrect' it.He characteristically  makes shoes from scratch in a way that leaves us wondering,'akikolatya?''

Here are a few questions we asked to help demystify the man.

1.What inspired you to start designing shoes?

The basketball player, Michael Jordan.His shoe line is making him too much money.I also look up to  Russell Simmons because I loved wearing his shoes when i was younger.

2. So how did you start and with how much capital?

I started 6 years ago with basically nothing.I used to save the little money my mum would give me for pocket money and invest it in the bus
My mum was very supportive.So I learnt by visiting different shoe factories world wide, Working as a "tool boy" in those factories until I learnt everything I know now.

3.where did you go to school

I went to kings College Budo for 6 years and later Makerere University.

4.What did you study at Makerere?

Industrial Art and Design

5.Do you have a shop now?Where do you work from?

I don't have a shop but i turned my home into a workshop.

6.Also why the use of African print?

I use African print to promote culture

7.So how many customers do you boast of now?In relation to when you first began six years ago

I have thousands of clients

.8.And how do you manage to cater for all of them?Do you have assistants...

I have 27 workers most of whom are Street kids especially those that have no parents.Ialso recruited youth from kisenyi that were chased from the streets by kcca and pay them in return for their work.

9.What word of advice would you give to someone who wants to join the shoe making business?
My advice to those guys would be to travel a lot.....visit various shoe making factories around the world.

You can catch him on Facebook and Instagram at Colo collin.

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