Tuesday, May 17, 2016


She has been blessed with a body that would make Beyonce jealous,a jet setting lifestyle,and a beautiful complexion.Men admire her and women want to be her.
Ladies and gentlemen am talking about the beautiful Anita Fabiola.
I remember reading one of her interviews back in the day and chic had the ambitions to be a lawyer.We wonder what happened?It would have been nice to have such a hot lawyer though.
She is not far from success however,she is a presenter on Capital FM and has several media projects under her belt.
My favourite part however is seeing her on the red carpet.She slays with every move and walks with grace.
Her hair is always well weaved and her curves well held together.
So lets look at the several times Anita Fabiola gave us red carpet fabulosity.

1.Hot in red!

2.In a see through jumpsuit with a cape coat,how fabulous!!!!!!!!!!

3.In a blue lace and taffeta dress that gives us all types of body goals....

4.In a sequinned and see though black dress!How exotic!

5.In a gold sequinned dress at the Asfa's 2015

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