Monday, May 30, 2016


Do you have a child or a sibling above the ages of three?The kids modelling academy offers you the opportunity to build their talents in an all-in-one package.

Under the theme,“Modelling for the future,'' the  international school of modelling  started in 2014 with an aim of creating a platform for aspiring models both male and female.

''Our package includes , photography, confidence building and self esteem, dancing, Exercise and Fitness, commercials, modelling and we are soon introducing swimming. We expose each child to these different areas in order to build a full packaged model, we work hand in hand with parents to advice us accordingly,''says Davidson Makanga the manager of the academy.

The school that sits on the 5th floor of ham towers opposite Makerere university main gate, wasn't  a modelling academy to begin with.It started off as a centre for talent management that later introduced modelling as part of its curriculum.

''After our first year, we discovered a need to groom models right from the grass root, right from the age of 3.

The goal is to discover, build and develop modelling talents among children as well as change the public perception of fashion and modelling from being referred to as a hobby to a profession a talented child can reap from, just like in developed countries,''he adds.

Each child undergoes training for one year which is divided in three terms each of 3 months, with two sessions of evaluation i.e. midterm and end of term to evaluate the performance and progress with the parents. At the end of the year each supermodel is created a professional portfolios that our marketing team and parent’s agents (for those who have) use to book opportunities.

The project  started with 2 children right now the class is grown to 25 children and we hope to grow even bigger.

We hope to add on music instruments, swimming and other activities on to our package just to expose our children to different talents, we will be holding our first kid's fashion show before the end of this year though our kids have featured on some of our unveiling events for the big models ,bride and groom ,Mr.ideal Uganda etc

Our training runs throughout the whole year with both a holiday and weekend program,'' he concludes.

As someone who manages a modelling agency for adults,I have experienced first hand the effects modelling can have on an adult.It helps you love your body and appreciate it.What better way is there  to build one's self esteem than this?

So if you have a child in the ages mentioned above,waste no time and book your child into the Kids modelling Academy.

You will not regret it!!!!!

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