Saturday, May 14, 2016


I have had the grand opportunity to interview Anita Beryl because i work for a newspaper company,duh?Haha..but besides that I also stalk her every now and then.She has shop on Tirupati Mazima mall filled with a wonderful display of mostly bridal gowns all made by herself.Couture is her thing and she makes it look like a walk in the park.

Speaking of couture,its not easy to make a gown without it looking cheap and tacky.But Anita,this gal,is way past that level!!

Chic makes a lace gown with all the fancy embellishments on it by herself.Without the funny stitches and stuff.

So lets look at some of the pieces from her latest collection.I hope you will be as impressed as I was.

1.Peach crop top and matching maxi skirt,ah!mazing.

2.Midas Touch,how royal is this gold and lace dress?

3.And this kitenge layered with lace short dress?

4.And then my favourite look,I can think of a million places to wear this...sooo beautiful!

6.And then this, such a playful fun and feminine look,am so here for this dress!!!!

7.More from the denim and floral collection,the one with the see through arms caught my attention the most.

8.Is this a jumpsuit?I hope it is cause i love it!The accessories too are trendy and the model wears it well.Plus those colours are radiant!

9.Looking for a red carpet gown?This gold and black crop top and maxi ensemble will give you out of this world fabulosity.

10.She does men's wear as well such as this kitenge and i dont-know-what-material-that-is waist coat.

11.Kwegamba,what can I say?Chic does it all.

12.And here is a pic of the lady herself,how poised!!!!!!

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