Tuesday, May 17, 2016


They are young,feisty full of life and enjoying it.These girls hustle hard, but do so in six inch heels,fully made up faces and long Brazilian weaves.Like real divas!
This list includes only young women,mostly below 30 years of age who are doing a great job in the style department.
It is written in order of the most stylish to the least, so feel free to select your best!!!!

1.Kamusiime Sharon

The fashion designer who is best known for her glamorous dresses eats,dines and sleeps like royalty.I had a problem choosing her best two outfits cos this chic slays on a daily....like everyday 24/7!! She also makes gorgeous gowns so go to her pages and support her.

2.Judith Heard
Of-course Judith Heard had to be on this list,I meeean......she is Judith Heard!!The former model is fashion itself.
She loves the camera and it loves her back! As a mother of twins,this woman is body and style goals incorporated.

3.Kembabazi Jackie
Probably the youngest on this list,this young lady is one to watch out for.Although still on campus,she dresses like she's made it!Money and all.


4.Mwaje Alecool
One of my Instagram favourites, Mwaje is a fashionista to the core.she lives breathes and eats fashion and was named as the best dressed guest at the Asfa's 2015.

5.Kleith Kyatuhaire
Bubbly, humorous and generous are some of the traits her peers use to describe her.But Kleith is quite the lady too and dresses like one.How adorable.

 6.Sheilah Carol Gashumba
A moment of silence for this diva here.I like the way she experiments with different styles and accessories. She is also quite particular with the ways she takes her pictures and it shows.

7.Bettinah Tianah
Classy is Bettinah's style.She, however, often adds an unexpected edge to her outfits which we adore, such as the coloured hair below.

8.Kirabo Fyona
The makeup artiste always keeps it sexy and classy although we would love to see her dress her age. After all she is in her 20's.

9.Hellen Lukoma
Forever young!
No matter how old, Lukoma gets,she always dresses like a teenager,which works for her sometimes but fails on other occasions. We, however, appreciate her art and are totally here for her fashion.
I would love to see her in a suit though,just for a change,you know!

10. Zeinab Sonia
One of my favorites, Zeinab is a slayer.She is naturally beautiful and dresses to match. Now that, my friends,is what I call slayage!!!!!!!

11.Anita Fabiola
Nails,check.Hair,Check.Makeup,Check.A total glam girl.In Anita's world nothing should be less than perfect.

12.Jemimah Kyazze
Popularly known as Maurice Kirya's ex,Jemimah is a successful woman in her own right.She is the daughter of a pastor with a fierce sense of style.

Who is your favorite,and why?Sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. I love lukoma her,Judith heard's fashion is way up there!The rest am getting to know them slowly slowly