Thursday, May 12, 2016


The Cannes film festival are a totally glamorous affair reminiscent of our very own Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards where.Its a meeting place for  International actresses who rock the most expensive gowns as they sashay down the huge red carpet.
So here are my top ten  most interesting outfits from the film festival. 

1.Peach perfect
Omg,where can I get this gown?So beautiful!!Check out its back below.

2.Blake lively in gold sequinned cutout dress
Can we have a special moment of silence for this dress?I adorable!!!!!!

3.Li Bing Bing in cream and black
I wore something similar to this  last year so I definitely love this one!

4.Naome Watts was a dream in lilac ,how flattering!

5.Jessica Chastain was radiant in yellow,how mellow!!!!!One of my favourite colours.

6.Victoria Beckham in black and white
I don't like this look because its masculine in an unflattering way,why would anyone walk out of the house like that?Others would say its fashion forward but i don't buy it.Anyhow,what do you guys think?

7.Bella Hadid in gold and diamonds
Simple and sensual

8.Malika Sherawatt
Artistically dramatic and am all here for it.
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