Friday, May 20, 2016


This list is something else.Some of the pictures on here need you to brace yourself. Like how in the world does someone step out of the house like that?Somebody needs to tell these celebrities to up their game. After all they have some money.

As a celebrity, we want to assume that you are better than us in some way,or at least have access to certain resources that we ordinary citizens may not have.

Hence the reason we expect glamour from you and give you the spotlight.

Here is the list of female Ugandan celebrities that desperately need a stylist.

In the name of all that is fabulous, someone needs to volunteer and be Fille's stylist.

We understand she is a mother but as a  celebrity,she needs to up your game.Afterall it is one of the many ways one can sell their brand.

Dear Fille,get yourself a stylist,they don't come so expensively.And those arched eyebrows?Girl,they need to go.

2.Mary Bata
A combination of new money and a out-of-the-hood style is what Mary Bata style is about.I see some of her music videos and I wonder.She needs to reduce on the accessories and co-ordinate her colours.

I love Rema,She is a darling.I have had a chance to interact with her on several occasions,even dine with her, and she is down to earth,fun, a wonderful wife and mother.But her style never quite makes it to the top.It is the reason some have branded her as unstylish.
We however appreciate her effort to look good especially for music videos.
You can tell she has an idea of whats good,she just needs a professional stylist to help her.

4.Sheebah Karungi
Don't get me wrong,Sheebah has a sense of style that is sometimes really beautiful and other times has you scratching your head.She is a beautiful woman though, and we would love to see her wear clothes that accentuate her beauty rather than distract from it.

5.Spice Diana
She has several hits and misses in the way she tries to be stylish.Sometimes it gets you clapping,other times you just want to shake your head in disbelied.Hopefully she will find her self along the way.

6.Winnie Nwagi
Ever since the success of her single,Musawo,Winnie seems to have upped her game.Thank you Winnie for doing this way before we told you.Change is coming to you and yours.

7.Cindy Sanyu
Cindy needs a makeup artiste and she will be almost good to go.
Also if she could try to  wear stockings under her patra shorts,we would be grateful.Stockings go a long way in hiding body marks and funny spots.You can wear up to two pairs of stockings if you must,anything to hide your lady parts.

8.Irene Ntale
Irene Ntale's style is great and so she does not need a stylist at all..Her only problem is that she over accessories as if Xmas tree style.A watch,a hat,a pair of shades,kwegamba overkill.
Sometimes less is more.

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