Sunday, May 22, 2016


No list of beautiful women in Uganda would ever dare to leave out Flavia Tumusiime.People would riot ,they would dismiss the list and the list maker.Eh?How?lol...
The fresh faced news anchor,radio personality and emcee is as famed for her looks as for her brains/personality.
She boasts of so much presence that when they first introduced her as the news anchor on NTV, non news watchers started tuning in.The women wanted to see what she was wearing and the men wanted to ogle at her.Some of us just wanted to hear her speak.
But given as this as a style blog,I beg to focus on her style.Lol .Flavia's style is confusing ,she has several hits and misses and it all starts with the hair.Her hair choices sometimes leave you wondering,'but what is Flavia wearing on her head?'You know.
And then the colour choices of her outfits that sometimes make her look dated.
Anyways lets break down the times Flavia wowed and sometimes didn't, wow us.

1.The pleated dress
These princess inspired dresses are tricky to pull off.Their full blown skirts are meant to disguise extremely big hips.Therefore if your hips are mid-sized or small,the skirt tends to overwhelm your body and makes your legs appear smaller in comparison to your entire frame.
If you must wear such a skirt therefore and you are mid sized, make sure its length is above the knees to show off your upper legs, make you appear taller and give you a more balanced figure.

The hair,the dress and the colour of the dress work to give Flavia the look of a true professional.

3.The trouser and blouse combo
The colorful; print blouse pops off well against the black trousers and the flowers in there give the look an overall feminine appeal.

3.The colour is a big no as it dulls Flavia's complexion but the dress is beautiful and its length is sensible.

4.Again colour choice is a problem here.This dull purple is beautiful but, a lighter more vibrant shade would have complimented Flavia's complexion better.This colour ages her by far ,makes her look tired,and the shoes were are an odd combination to this entire look.

5.Green  Perfection.This shade of green is the perfect complement to her chestnut brown skin and the fit is a dream.The pulled back hair draws attention to her dress and keeps it the focal point of her outfit.

6.The v-neck is winner for Flavia as it elongates her neck area and therefore makes her appear taller.The blouse is sexy without being too revealing and the combination with a striking skirt makes for an eyeworthy design.

7.The shade of red /maroon works wonders with skin and the brightly coloured shoe offsets the monochrome outfit.

8.The hair and the busy prints create many focal points hence creating a rather distracting look.Such an outfit required Flavia to hold her hair back and choose dark colored earrings so that her suit remains the main focal point.Otherwise creating many focal points with the hair ,the earrings,the belt and the prints can prove to be overwhelming for the viewers.

9.Perfection.The length of this outfit makes Flavia appear taller while the gold clip adds some much needed pop to this rather dull outfit.Perfect for her job as it is less distracting.
All in all,I think Flavia does a great job with her on air image and all she needs is a little polishing here and there and we are perfect!!!!!!!!!!!

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