Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Its the era of the metro sexual man.The man who loves to take care of himself. This man goes for manicures,pedicures,makeup,touch ups and the whole shebang.He goes to the gym,and is adept with where the best hairdressers,clubs and shops are.

Until today,these beauty procedures and traits were a preserve for females.But oh how times have changed!Today there are men who spend a good amount of time and money on their appearance just like females do.

Do I have a problem with it?Hell no!Am all for doing what makes you happy regardless of whether it will earn you a label or not.

So i put together a list of the men in Uganda that take this grooming thing to a whole new level.They guys love their style and are not afraid to show it.

1.Zipper Atafo
I consider this guy the most stylish man in Uganda,well,according to my standards.Never and I mean never does he stop out of his crib without a hair in place!!How gorgeous.
He is also very creative with his clothes in a way that slays these dusty streets of ours.

2.Chuck Brian Salvator
Meticulous is the word.This guy is neat to the core.He is well groomed and it shows.No matter what Chuck is wearing be sure that it will be worthy of fashion news.

3.Kim Swagga

The king of Uganda's fashion,I think Kim Swagga deserves more credit that he is getting.This guy is a fashion god!He is creative,breaks the rules and is adept with all the trends in the world.Can we talk about those dreadlocks?

4.Tazibone Solomon

As a fashion stylist,Tazibone's style is a combination of classy and edgy.He usually chooses trendy items and wears them safely  but every once in a while we shall see a crazy hairstyle ,or an eye-raising tattoo.
Either way,Fashion in Uganda has improved greatly thanks to you!

5.Martyn Larry

He lives,moves and breathes fashion and it shows in the way he dresses.This fashion socialite and marketer is all types of fabulous.

6.Kabs Haloha

He is the king of suits.Am sure his wardrobe is full of Double breasted coats,bow ties,crisp clean shirts,basically, if its formal wear,this guy rules in the art of it.

7.John Iwueke

Simple and trendy is what John's style is all about.However,am all here for the body,we can talk about the clothes another day, my oh my!!!!Haha.

8.Adam Gashe

Adam Gashe looks good in clothes,period.It doesnt matter what he is wearing,it will always catch out attention,because hey,he is ADAM GASHE!!!!

9.Emolsa Hasacha

Artistic is the word you use when describing Emolsa's style.He pushes the boundaries with his style and that is such a breath of fresh air.

10.Izack Brown

He is the new kid on the block,creative,artistic, the fashion collector is definitely one to watch out for. 

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