Tuesday, May 24, 2016


She has often left us spell bound with her beauty.And as if that is not enough this royal has a radiant personality; she is warm,approachable and intelligent.
A closer through her social media also reveals she is very stylish too,a trait she shares with her mother,Queen Best Kemigisha.
On a casual day Ruth will rock her crop tops and skirts/jeans and on other days will throw on a suit,to show you that she, like every other girl, her age, has a corporate life too.
But no matter what she wears you can always count on her to keep it feminine,simple with a bit of an edge.
Let's take a look at the the many times this beauty slayed our lives.

1.I love this maxi patched skirt and black crop top on her.Its young, practical, fresh and laid back.

2.In a floral jumpsuit,this outfit is very feminine and the red lip pops well against the floral background of her outfit.

3.Daring in a lace cutout jumpsuit and short hair.

4.Slaying in a simple dress and sandals.

5.Keeping it African in a dashiki print Kaftan and matching accessories alongside her mother,the queen.

6.Young,chic and fun in a leopard print crop top and matching shorts.

                7.Youthful and urban in a black crop top and floral print skirt

8.Radiant in a black and red body hugging dress

9.And glowing in a short long sleeved turtle neck dress.How sexy!

10.And lastly rocking the hell out of a black suit.

Which one of these is your favourite?

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