Thursday, May 12, 2016


If you know me very well,you know that am a lover of all things African.Talk about being proud of your heritage,haha.
In line with that,I planned an African themed photo shoot so I called my Amarachi models together had their makeup done and we headed off to cayenne where we took the pics from.

I was surprised by how pretty the pics came out because i had under-estimated the power of African print.
I discovered first hand that African prints are the sunshine of prints,they have a life of their own, are colourful,versatile and so beautiful.Just check out the ones below.I bet you love them.

It goes without saying that in this age of social media and technology and thus awareness about various fabrics and designs from across the world, more and more big name designers all around the world are incorporating African prints into their designs.

Like me they have realized the innate beauty and versatility of the African prints.

Down here in Africa local designers are giving African print a modern twist by combining it with exotic materials such as lace,organza,silk and satin.

By upgrading it in this way,African print appeals to the masses and can make it to even the most formal of places such as the office and even the parliament,something that was considered an abomination a few years back.

I mean who can resist wearing a good quality African blazer to office?Not me.Haha.

So here are pics from my photo shoot for which I collaborated with Mbabazi House of style,the makers of these beautiful outfits.

Special thanks also to Events Guru Photography for taking these beautiful pictures.They are located on the first floor of Katatumba suites,so dont forget to go check them out.


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