Tuesday, May 31, 2016


With access to beautiful stones, precious metals and other unusual materials, there has been an explosion of phenomenal design in the jewelry world.Creativity is at an all time high.
Of late African jewellery has become the thing.It is competing favorably with other jewelry types on the international market such as pearls,diamonds and stones.
I personally love the zulu beads from South Africa.Their bold colours make a statement no matter what you are wearing.
This means that you can throw them over a simple black dress and they will automatically come off as stunning.
Below are a few ideas on how to pull off this trend.

1.We love how this lady wore a million accessories alongside her yellow zulu necklace,how fly!

2.Solange Knowles did not the trend pass her by,rocking her multilayered zulu necklace over a yellow top and print trousers.

3.You can also wear them over your forehead as a headband like the lady below.

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