Monday, May 23, 2016


The billboard music Awards went on quietly,no one knew they were happening until the pictures from the event were released..Its then that we got the memo, lol.
And in my usual style i had to bring you the red carpet recap.

So lets start with Keke Palmer.(Above)For a young girl in her mid twenties,Keke is yet to find her style.The dress has an excellent fit but she seems a bit lost in it.The shoes and hair were a big mess as well.

And then there is the beautiful Kelly Rowland who came to slay and slay, she did!!!!!

Ariana Grande wore her signature pony tail,aren't we tired of it?And a blue and black cut out dress with unflattering platform shoes.So not elegant.

Rihanna on the other hand kept it subtle and simple in this taffeta dress and matching shoes,how boring!!!!!!!!!I expected more from her.

And then came the long legged Ciara who killed,murdered and slayed the red carpet.That dress was simple but she worked it.My only problem with this is that it is too revealing.The side boob and thigh high slit at the same time is overwhelming.


Zendaya was in a league of her own with this two piece nude outfit.Her hair was laid for the gods and her makeup and jewelry were on fleek.

Jessica Alba's little black dress and matching makeup was perfection.

And Laverna Cox's long black dress was a definite winner.

Britney's outfit is a rip off madonna's red carpet and says tacky,tacky and tacky.How unflattering.

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