Tuesday, May 24, 2016


There are people in high profile jobs that establish fashion trends.Others who create them and some who make them real.

The people that make fashion trends are referred to as designers,while those that make them come alive are stylists.

Kim Swagga falls in the latter category: he is a stylist and one of the most sought after in this country.
His eye for quality and creative prowess has exposed him to high profile clients such as Sheila Gashumba, Jose Chameleone, Daniella, King Saha among others.

Unlike other artists whose personality overshadows their work, this soft spoken fashionista's calm persona ensures that his clothes and styling do all the talking.

 His personal style is a combination of blazers or jackets,paired with skinny jeans,a cap and sneakers.

Lets break down the many times Kim Swagga gave us major and I mean MAJOR style goals.

1.This denim coat seems is nothing like we have ever seen before.Absolutely creative and out of this world.

2.Donning the hell out of that print Agbada,traditional but with a modern touch.

3.Did i mention his love for hats/caps?The white one below completes this well coordinated look.

4.Redefining an all white outfit with this casual look for the airport.How effortlessly cool!And that man bag is goals!

5.Bringing hollywood home in this layered look

7.And who knew a floral print shirt,could look so glamorous!

8.Giving us understated fabulosity in camouflage

9.And lastly Giving Kanye a run for his money in this grey cashmere coat

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