Friday, July 15, 2016



The week long event has been one to remember indeed.From the fresh red roses flown in all the way from Nairobi,to the designer dress white dress made by international couture designer Sanyuka Tresh, to the never ending wining and eating, Billionaire daughter Nadia's walk towards marriage has been pompous and lavish.
But that is not to say that her husband-to-be is poor.He too comes from a very rich family so its a classic case of money marrying into money.
Today, the young couple flew over '200' family and friends to South Africa to celebrate with them in what they have called a ''white wedding.'' The guests' tickets were fully paid for and they are bound to stay in a five star hotel whose prices are over 500 dollars a night, per individual.Lavish!
So as we anticipate the pictures from the wedding,here are a few breath taking moments we have had from the couples' pre-wedding ceremonies, so far.

                                                                    1.  The beautiful maids

2.The bride's makeup,perfection!

3.The cute couple..dont they look adorable?

4.The impeccably dressed guest list arriving at the bride's home in Nakasero

5.The impeccable decor

6.We finally got to see the bride's beautiful sister, Thandiwe Mbire,in all her glory.

7.The star studded guest list

8.And lastly the smiles,laughter and organisation as captured by the cameras, was for the gods.

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