Friday, July 22, 2016


Mbabazi house of Style is my go to store when am looking for something African and well tailored to wear.
Located opposite the American Embassy,just before Tirupati Mazima Mall in Uganda,Mbabazi house of styles specialises in making simple easy to wear African pieces.
From maxi skirts,to dresses,their outfits are affordable yet totally wearable.
Take for instance these wide-legged pink trousers that I was privileged to wear to an event recently,they made my movement easy and yet were stunning on the eye.
To get a custom made outfit therefore call them on 0701261176 or contact them via Facebook at Mbabazi House of Style.
They also have another shop in the USA ,Memphis Tenessee 2577 broad Avenue if you ever happen to be int he United states of A.

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