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Tazibone Solomon ,a fashionista and media personality, famed for his role as a panelist on the Television show 'Ntv Style project' is also a Celebrity Stylist that gets paid to style the stars. Tazibone has turned his love for clothes into a fulfilling and successful entrepreneurship venture.
We chat to him about what motivates him and what it takes to make it in this industry.

1.What does being a stylist entail?

Fashion styling involves selecting clothes and accessories for published editorials, television or print advertising campaigns, music videos, performances or any other public appearances made by celebrities, models, any other public figures and the ordinary consumers. I branded myself as a personal, celebrity & editorial stylist.

2. Why did you choose to become a stylist?

I've always had a knack for creating beauty and with fashion being my obsession, I gradually grew into appreciating styling. Isn't it amazing that there's quite a lot you can achieve with clothes & accessories? The beauty of the dynamics was my drawing force

3. What are some of the challenges that you face in this career path?

One of the major challenges we as stylists are faced with is the laxity with which people perceive styling. Many times fashion stylists are taken for granted; the general misconception is that styling as a service is dispensable or isn't quite necessary, which is unfortunate. Not everyone that buys fashion assembles it well.

Consequently, few individuals are willing to pay be fittingly for the service.
Also the majority has failed to distinguish between fashion stylist and fashion designer. Though the two are similar, as they both conceptualize colour, texture & design to create unique styles for a client or audience, fashion designers create fashion, which Fashion stylists use to meet different style needs.

Locally, the growth of styling as a mainstream preoccupation is quite slow.

4. What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love that clothes & accessories are a channel of expression. I derive so much contentment in creating beauty, drama, among others through them.
I love that I get to meet lots of people. I have a diverse clientele that includes local celebrities.

Locally, the growth of styling as a mainstream preoccupation is quite slow.

5. If I need a stylist, how much do I have to budget?

How much I bill depends on the clients needs. I aim at working out an arrangement based on how much the client can afford. Bottom line I try to deliver based on how much one's wallet dictates. 

 6. Who are some of the celebrities that you have styled?

I have styled Bebe cool for his immensely popular "byebyo" video, Juliana kanyomozi for her Oriflame ad campaign,Irene Ntale for her yet to be released "he go down" video and promotional photoshoots, Winnie Nwagi for a promotional photoshoot, I droid commercial  (Rema Namakula & Carol Flower, Sheilah Gashumba for promotional photoshoots,) Chozen Blood for a video, Swangz Avenue's  Zulanda & Blackskin for 3 videos, upcoming artists Crotchet and Babaritah & Big trill's supporting cast for his "sumo" video, among others

7. What are the upcoming fashion trends?

Trends people should be looking out for are; mauve, bubblegum pink, olive green, velvet, power shoulders, pleats, bright furs, corsets on top, shearling, socks in heels, pop art.

8. What are your favourite fashion items?

Favourite fashion items include the pea coat, chinos, the tunic, the basic SnapBack cap, plimsols, slip on shoes & sneakers

9. What advice would you give to aspiring stylists?

Aspiring stylists should work hard. The grind can't be cheated, it knows who puts in more, who doesn't and it rewards accordingly.
Do your research. Stay ahead of the pack with the relevant information. This gives you an edge over most people in the business.

Network. Network. Network. Simply put.
Be extra courteous. The client is king after-all.
Pray & involve God in whatever you do.

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