Monday, August 8, 2016


It is not easy to rock a Gomesi.The traditional wear for Baganda women can be elusive, as it tends to look good on some people and ugly on the rest of us.(runs and hides)
I kinda believe this trend works well for well endowed people,like if you have a big bust and butt,Catherine Kusasira style.
 Rema does not exactly fall in the aforementioned category but she looks good in them nonetheless.
A look through her social media will show you that the the mother of one is a big time lover of Gomesis.
 Her obsession with this trend could also hail from the fact that she is required to perform at introduction ceremonies every weekend, and that calls for maximum decency preferably in traditional wear.
See the several times she has rocked this trend.

1.In orange,peach and pink...with splashes of grey.Adorable.
2.Brown and red never looked better!
3.Black and  red with a silver sash..not exactly my favourite...
4.Plain red with with all gold accessories..stunning!
5.A velvet gomesi and a knitted necklace...not exactly fabulous,but oh well....
6.Before baby Aamal,slaying in blue and this look.
7.Give us christmassy vibes in green and red.
8.Cream grey and green print Gomesi accessorized with a red necklace,fab!
9.My favourite,green and purple with a pearl necklace and brown trendy

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