Tuesday, August 23, 2016


There are things that every woman should be equipped with 24/7 in her handbag.I compiled the top ten things every woman worth her salt should have in her handbag.

1.Hygiene wipes

Throughout the day, your hands come into contact with a lot of items and surfaces. You shake hands and sneeze into them, or touch dirty money and handles – these are all germ-infested. So, keep  hygiene wipes in your handbag to keep your hands clean, and prevent germs from spreading. This will also help protect the people you come into contact with.

2. Compact Mirror

A compact mirror always comes in handy when you need to touch up your make-up.

3. Tampon/sanitary pad

There is nothing worse than needing a tampon or sanitary pad when you don’t have one. Carrying it in your handbag ensures that you are always prepared. Whether you use a tampon or pad, it’s important to carry both in a suitable container, so they remain clean.

4. Mints

Bad breath can be a huge turn off. Carry mints or mint gum for those days when you eat tuna for lunch, to save yourself from the embarrassment of bad breath.

5. Lip moisturiser

Chapped, cracked and dry lips are not attractive. So, always carry some kind of moisturiser, be it a lip gloss or balm. Just in case you need to look fancy, throw lipstick in there, too.

6. Hand lotion

No one wants to have ashy hands, so hand lotion is a definite must!

7. Band-aid

If you plan on wearing that new pair of shoes, a band-aid will come in handy when they hurt your feet. Put a few in your handbag; you never know when you might need one.

8. Pocket tissues

Coming down with a flu and need to blow your nose? Tissues in your handbag will come in handy. There will be a lot of instances when they come to your rescue, including when something spills in your bag.

9. Deodorant

Ever had such a hectic morning that you get to work, only to realise that you didn’t put deodorant on? Are you running around, especially on hot days, and feeling self-conscious about your body odour? That emergency deodorant may rescue you from that “sticky” situation, so carry one in your handbag!

10. Lipstick

Lipstick can help you transform your make-up from day to night, so keep one nearby.

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