Monday, September 26, 2016


With so much jewellery on the market,it can be quite difficult to  find the right jewellery to match your gomesi/umshanana.
From gemstones,pearls,diamonds,layered beads and many more, the options are endless.
So here is what to consider when choosing your jewellery.

1.Keep it comfy-you dont want layers of beads that will make your neck sweat, or a head band that will obstruct your view.

Instead choose a simple necklace and earrings like the bride below did.

Or a  headband and simple strand of necklaces like these two.

Spot the simple earrings?Very classy.

Sometimes all u need is one strand of a pearl necklace like the one below.

2.The headband/tiara

If you have beautiful eyes and are looking to show them off,choose a beautiful headband/tiara such as the ones below.


Choose different stones in colours that match with your traditional wear.

I like how the bride below wore a pearl earring and necklace set which she matched with a side tiara.

The bracelet however was so unnecessary.

4.To avoid trouble with mixing and matching,you can simply choose an elaborate jewellery set like the bride below did.

To offset the jewellery, she wore a simple yellow gomesi.

Tip: Ladies, if you opt for statement jewellery ensure that the rest of your outfit is simple to create a beautiful contrast.

Or simply match your jewellery to your accessories.

The bride below choose layered beads to match with the details in her gomesi and sash.

                                                               5.African beads:

These beads are ethnic and therefore match well with the whole traditional wedding theme.

Because most of them come in plastic,they are bound to appear cheap.So choose them carefully and keep them in one colour,to stay on the safe side.

The bride below, looked exquisite until she killed the whole look with a bold tiara.

                                                            6.Match your collar.

A gomesi comes with a square neckline which means that most necklace shapes have the ability to kill the whole flare.

A choker necklaces is therefore the safest bet when choosing a necklace to wear with your gomesi, such as he one below.


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