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  From traditional to red carpet to vintage to classic,there are different gowns to suit every wedding theme.So as is the norm I have hereby gathered a list of different gowns to help you, the reader, choose the right gown to match with your wedding theme.

When it comes to an African themed wedding, the rule of thumb, is to add African or traditional accents to you wedding gown such as an African headpiece or jewellery. Your bridal gown can also simply follow the silhouette of a traditional dress such as 'Umshanana,' 'gomesi,' 'or 'kitenge.'

2.City chic
For this look,rock modern monochrome accessories with a short ,sassy dress for a fun and comfy look.

Live the dream on your big day by opting for fairy tale gowns with star dust details.A little lace never hurt anybody either.

4.Country(Village wedding)
Mix floral prints with traditional touches for a wonderfully warm and unique gown.Colours such as gold,copper,orange,yellow are perfect for this theme.


                                                            5. Destination wedding
                           Work light shades and floaty fabrics for a breezy beach side wedding.


Choose a plain white dress in stiff materials such as Satin or taffeta and accessorise with pearls or simple silver accents.

                                                               7.Red Carpet
Find a  glamorous eye catching gown with bold designs and dazzling diamonds such as the see-through dresses below that are so hollywood,so now.


                                                                       8.   Fashionista
Walk down the aisle in loud statement gowns and out-of-this-world accessories.The whole point here is to get everyone talking, and ofcourse, ensure that your gown is remembered for ages to come.

Chanel old beauty of years gone by with a mixture of golds and coppers and simple details


Drop waists,delicate lace,gloves, fascinators and a ring or pearls are a heavenly match that create an unforgettable look.

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