Tuesday, September 20, 2016



  A star studded affair,Kirabo Fyona's introduction was a ceremony that will stay on many peoples' lips for some time to come.Save for the heavy rain that interrupted its beauty mid-day,te event was perfect with several highlights some of which I bring you here.Here is a list of pointers that stood out for me and that could perhaps help and impending bride organise her introduction ceremony better.

           1.The maids looked lovely.She had different sets of maids for better organisation.

2.The guests too made an effort to dress well

3.The white and gold themed decor was heavenly.

                                    4.The cake was well shaped to mimic baskets of Luwombo.

                   5.The public display of affection was evident,which is a sign of good things..lol

6.The guest list was filled with musicians and celebrities alike,even Rema Namakula,who was supposed to have been the maid of honour, sent in a heart felt message to wish the bride the best of luck..how sweet!

7. Plenty of gifts:The groom went all out when he showered Fyona's family with gifts,ranging from a sofa set,fridge,cooker and a compound full of other small gifts.

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