Monday, October 10, 2016


The jewellery maker and sister to popular Musician Irene Ntale sent out heart felt messages to her entourage and guests as she posted their pictures on Instagram.
She must be a really sweet person.
See what she wrote below.

1.A message for her mother
My gorgeous mother who is also my best friend;thank you mum for all;words aren't enough to express my gratitude #Emikologyakuwubye #Okuzaalakujaagana #SandS2016

2.About the food
When hubby knows food is also Bae#SandS2016

3.Talking about her hubby
 To the one I don't just plan on getting married to but plan on STAYING married to;you have been and still are my best friend;my love;my lugambo mate 🙈;my confidant my prayer partner;above all you have been a man of your word
We've come a long way and I wouldn't replace you for any other, God has brought us this far and I can't imagine just how far he is yet to take us;I choose you not just today but always,I ask God to mold me to be the wife that you so desire and the same for you and am excited to spend the rest of my days on earth and in eternity with you Godwilling
In short;I love you and all that comes with you #Abooki#&#Akiiki

                                         4.A message for her sis Irene Ntale
My lovely lovely matron #LeBondsis @irene_ntale thank you for all the help and for being there since day one of my journey;couldn't have picked any other #YouSlayedMama 😘😘 #SandS2016

5.Another for her bridesmaids
These beautiful ladies made my day;you slayed,you helped and am blessed to have you all apart of my day @hailey_bubu @allthngze @violamclaren @tshanimarithe

6.Hubby again
#Abooki&Akiiki#BaeisHubby#SandS2016 #LoveYou #SandS2016

7.A message for musician Rema
The lovely @remah001 came through and graced my function;thanks abunch mukwano;you slayed!!!! 😘😍😘 #SandS2016

                                                   8.Another for her auntie
My lovely gorgeous Auntie;the Senga for my mikolo
Thank you Aunty Julie for all the guidance,advice and prayers for me;thanks for making the function a very interesting one 😘😍 #SandS2016

9.And lastly a word of appreciation to her makeup artist
The brow king @star_atafo did his magic on me and I loved every facebeat!!! Thanks mukwano #Ifeltlikeaqueen #SandS2016

Thanks @westwood.decor for the beautiful decor;I can't thank you enough @ken_gustavo #SandS2016

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