Monday, October 3, 2016


Puffed sleeves are back with a bang!Damn!You remember how we used to rock this trend in the 90's?
Fashion is recyclable indeed.
There is so much to like about this trend.
First and foremost ,its super feminine as the exaggerated sleeves tend to give an impression of a smaller waist and therefore an hour glass figure.

Secondly they are super fabulous in a way that makes even a simple outfit stand out.You can therefore rock these on a day you want to make a fashion statement.
Thirdly they are airy.I personally love to leave my arms free and puffed sleeves do just that.
The best way to wear this trend therefore is with skinny jeans to create some balance in your entire ensemble.By all means avoid wearing it with a flared skirt as you are bound to appear like some rennaisance

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