Wednesday, January 25, 2017


She has always had an impeccable style.Her clothes are always carefully chosen to accentuate her hour glass figure with class,taste and lots of femininity.
I hereby present to you the eight times Cynthia Nakiranda's outfits wowed us.

1.My favourite favourite outfit is this double slit cashmere top.So comfortable,so trendy and super laid back.The colour combination here is also super awesome.

2.At number two we have this olive green sheer top,matching bra and pencil skirt that is goals.Super sexy and trendy,one of those outfits you can count on to instantly boost your confidence.

3.And at number three we have this all black outfit that looks absolutely amazing on Cynthia as it balances out her body shape, is super comfy and yet trendy!

4.Did I say classy?It doesn't get any better than this!!

5.Super edgy ,sexy and fierce.This is a look that Kim Kardashian would wear only that Cynthia does it with more taste and class.

6.At number six is this easy and breezy chiffon skirt,gold belt and sheer top ensemble.Such a laid back and yet stunning look!

7.And who can forget this  stunning cape dress she wore to her husband's birthday dinner last year?So regal and elegant!And the detail on it at the waist is amazing!

8.And lastly one of my all time favourite outfits from her,is this multi print sequinned dress that she accessorized with a dainty clutch, so elegant!
Aaaaannnnddd thats a wrap!

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