Monday, February 27, 2017


The more I blog,the more I love it.And to think I have wanted to give up several times?HAHA.
So I definitely hope to do this full time in the future.I am also starting a vlog, actually shot one last week,where I will be talking about all things fashion and women, am sure you will love it.
Will be posting some of the videos here, on Facebook and on YouTube as well.
Now about last week's fashion,here are the ladies who made us ooh and aaahhh at their lovely outfits.

1.Judith Heard in a Kitenge here for that head wrap,necklace  and lip colour.The rest?Not so much.
 2.The one and only beautiful lioness,Princess Nsemere Komuntale reminded us why Batoro women are largely considered beautiful when she rocked this simple dress over gladiator heels.Simply stunning!
  3.At number three are two of my favourite fashionistas,both in blue,with sprinklings of African print here and there.What's not to love?

4.Singer Irene Ntale rocked this facebeat by Peter Russell.Loved this makeup on her

5.At number 5 we have the beautiful Sheila Gashumba.This look was a bit too match matchy but I loved it still.She also could have used a different bra.

6.At number 6 is Sheila Gashumba again, in an assymetrical top and skirt.This look didn't get me because I felt like there was too much going on.The assymentrical top and skirt together was a bit too much, she could have opted for a simple skirt for instance.Add in the statement shoes and the drama is way too much.

7.At number 7 is the beautiful Sandra Lexy who gave us style goals in this floral skirt and black bralette top complete with hoop earrings.I can see myself rocking this,so hot!!!

8.Desire Luzinda wore a red corset over an all black outfit.The shape of the corset is weird and makes her boobs look funny.Basically the whole look is forced.

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