Monday, February 20, 2017


I am an advocate for being yourself and following your heart. I mean,there is no point in living a life that is not a real reflection of who you truly are.Those things of doing things to make other people happy usually work to the detriment of your own happiness.
And speaking of authenticity, it even comes in more handy before and on your wedding day.

Everything you chose/use,  from the music to the food, the decor and the gown (for the ladies) should reflect your personality,tastes and preferences.

So avoid choosing a gown because it looked amazing on so and so, chances may be that it may not look as nice on you or even fit into who you are as a person.
I have therefore rounded up a list of gowns to match each personality,so I hope you find where you lie.*wink*

The classic
Are you a neat person with a love for timeless pieces and structured fits,then you are a classic.You most likely look up to style icons such as Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton for inspiration.
You should therefore choose a gown that is simple with clean lines,minimal details and accessories such as the ones below.

                                                                   The Romantic
You are a girly girl who gravitates towards all things pink, princess-y,  peachy, lace and floral.You like round twirling skirts,floral patterns,silk blouses and jewellery.

You like to enhance your natural beauty by incorporating feminine details and flattering fits.
Choose a princess gown or a mermaid gown with lots of lace and embellishments.

                                                                      The Bomb shell
You are Confident, Glamorous and Sexy and look up to stars such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez for inspiration.You are therefore most likely to choose a trendy design that will curve your body in all the right places.


If you’re the first to rock a new lipstick color or hairstyle among your friends—and maybe you’ve even invented a few looks of your own—you’re definitely a Trendsetter.

And Rihanna is your fearless leader! Go for your own version of a wedding gown and rock it like the star you are.


                                                                           Afro chic
You are in tune with your African origin and like pieces that remind you of your heritage.You are most likely interested in feminism,politics and human rights.
You therefore gravitate towards Ankara pieces that are a true representative of your heritage and strong personality.

                                                                      Edgy Cool
In your world, basic is boring! You’ll shave your head when you feel like, make your own outfit if you can’t find anything at the store, and happily wear sneakers on a round skirt.

You look up to stars such as Rihanna,Solange Knowles and Sheebah Karungi for inspiration.
The jumpsuit below would therefore be a perfect choice for you, and the dress too.

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