Saturday, February 4, 2017


I have been writing a lot about hair lately so this article comes quite naturally.

Hairstyles evolve quite faster than clothes, so,what is trending now may be off in the next few months.I guess that's why Iam implored to write about the best new hairstyles every now and then.

The new hair trend right now is big ,bold and beautiful.So whatever you choose to wear this season,think along those lines,even if its cornrows.

                                                                      1.Natural hair
I love how 'Hair By Zziwa' works on natural hair; his knowledge of how to handle and style it is very impressive.
Having said that,there are plenty of salons that deal in natural hair nowadays, you should be spoilt for choice.

                                                                  2.Short Crochet
This is such a light weight hairstyle that gives the illusion of your natural hair but without the burden of having to comb your hair every day.Its weather friendly, as well.

                                                                    3.Short hair/boycut
This is a fun hair style that had its biggest debut in the nineties (remember Kelly of Destiny's child and Halle Berry) but is now back like it never left.

Victor Christian of 'Am her Stylist,' in Kisementi specializes in these.

                                                       3.Long Crochets curls
These, I imagine, are fun and give you that bouncy curly feeling which I find very alluring and sexy.

                                                                  4.Long crochet braids
These are so in,so now.A little bit overwhelming,I imagine, but fabulous nonetheless.They give off that chic African vibe in a minute.

                                                               4.Thick cornrows
                                       Let me just leave this here..super edgy and sexy,no?

5.Ombre hair style
Ombre hair has been here for a while and it shows no signs of going away, as it is such a fun look.

                                                                      6.The short blonde
                     I want this look but after I get a more liberal job,lol. Very sexy,edgy and fierce.
                                                             7.Big Box braids
I have these on now and they are one of my favourite hairstyles to date.Very easy to manage and fun, although they don't last for very long.

                                                                         8.Big Twists
                        These can be crocheted or plaited but either way they look amazing.
                                                                 9.Human Hair 
Human hair pieces are very expensive but very worth it.They require zero maintenance(ie don't spray them or oil them, only do so for your scalp) and they last up to 6 months,wonderful,isn't it?

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