Saturday, February 18, 2017


Head wraps are a tricky thing.It is not as easy as getting a piece of clothing and wrapping it around your head.Honey, there's a bit more work to it than that.
There is definitely an art to it and as African women,its essential that we equip ourselves with this knowledge because our hair is not always easy to maintain.
So for inspiration,I bring you a list of Ugandan celebrities who have taken this whole headwrap thing to the next level.These ladies have learned their craft and slay while rocking it.
Lets see the list of top celebrities who love and slay in their headwraps,shall we?

1.Fashion designer Sylvia Owori
Sylvia loves her head wraps and wears, them not once, not twice but almost constantly.The best thing is that she is so good at wrapping them around her head,we cant help but drool!

2.Singer Irene Namubiru
Irene Namubiru usually wears her headwraps to photoshoots and on days when she just wants to slay. And I love that she has the face and character to match this look as she is very sassy and adventurous and is definitely one of my best head-wrap wearers on this list.

3.Comedienne Anne Kansiime
She wears her headwraps occasionally and appears to be a newbie in this business.

4.Make up artiste Umutoni Monalisa
Pro is the word!Mona is always regal in her head-wraps and we love it!

5.Singer and Musician Lilian Mbabazi
Lilian loves head-wraps but every once in a while has to employ the help of professionals to help with the work.
But boy ,doesn't she look lovely in them!

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