Sunday, March 19, 2017


I missed out on last night's club music video awards because I cant keep track of all the glamorous events in the country at the moment.
 I mean, how do these celebrities do it?Moving from one red carpet event to another in a space of 3 months is no easy task, especially if you are to consider all the logistics involved.
Anyways.... who am I to judge?If you have it, flaunt it!
And now, to today's topic, here is my list of the best and worst dressed from last night's awards.

1.At number one is the beautiful Malaika Laika Nyanzi
We have seen this look before,On Lupita Nyong'o and many other celebrities but this was a surprise from Malaika, that I certainly didn't see coming, and she killed it. Love love it!

2.And at number 2 is the voluptous Anita Fabiola
She always brings it to the red carpet ,doesnt she?This was legit class and elegance in one outfit. Stunning!

3.At number 3 is the petite Sheila Gashumba
Am not really feeling this look because its a look you can find in almost any bridal shop, you know, the peachy coloured skirt and a lace bodice top.
The only difference with hers, being the longer train.
All I am saying is that  I expected more creativity and fierceness from the ever fabulous Sheila Gashumba.

She has been very rare on the red carpet or blue carpet for that matter, and this being her first public appearance at such an event in recent months,It was nice to see her in something like this.

I have to admit that I mostly love this look for the simple reason that it was decent.This is someone who keeps her outfits as airy and skimpy as possible, so this look, with all its faults, is still a breath of fresh air.

5.The trio,Ellah ,Renzioni and Deedan
Ellah's look was very basic for me especially with that floral patch pasted to the side.It looks like it was just glued there ,last minute, in a desperate attempt to match the dress with the jewellery.So nay,nay and nay.

Renzioni's look(center) was also  not a winner for me.I find it very normal,like something you wear to church, you know.His only saviour was the boutonniere that gave the look an elegant touch.

And lastly Deedan. Surprisingly, I love Deedan's look,its young,fresh and suits her personality.She is the kind of person who likes to be the life of the party, freespirited and fun and it is for people like her that jumpsuits were made.

 And lastly the ever classy Crystal Newman
I have to say this, Crystal's body type is what they call the inverted triangle, and as a piece of friendly advice, she should by all means stick to flared pieces for her lower body,such as a mermaid skirt,a princess skirt or even flared trousers.
Body hugging things such as the jumpsuit below only serve to make her legs look smaller than the rest of her body
Its for that simple reason that I dont like this look.Otherwise I adore this woman!

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