Friday, March 10, 2017


Many people assume that dressing an hour glass figure is a walk in the park, but its not as easy as it sounds.
If you have a body like this, you need to have a few basic tips at hand so that you can always look your best, otherwise its easy to look cheap or even indecent.
The good thing though,is that you have plenty of fashionistas to look up to,such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce as this body type is considered the ideal female body by most people.

Here are a few tips,therefore, on how to dress your killer curves.

1-Choose the right undergarments.And by this I mean right bra,and  underwear.No visible cellulite  and unhealthy cleavage and we shall stay friends, haha.

2-Go for pieces that show off your tiny waist such as a crop top and a pencil skirt.A big belt also works wonders especially when you are wearing something voluminous like a huge blouse.

3-Opt for body hugging clothes such as pencil skirts and body suits that streamline your silhouette


4-Stick with solid colours and avoid big patterns

5-Wear wrap dresses, they are perfect for emphasising your waist and balancing out your body

6-Stick with short, shaped jackets. Look for belted jackets, trench-style coats, or other fits that draw in toward the waist. 

Short jackets with peplum details accentuate your curves in a flattering way

Everything peplum works for you,anyway.

7-Go for soft fabrics like knits and silk blends. These materials gently drape over your natural curves, keeping your bust in proportion with your hips. Avoid stiff fabrics, since these may end up making you look boxy.

8-And lastly look for v-neck blouses or dresses as they draw the eye closer to your narrow waist and make your bust look smaller,balancing out your entire body....

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