Tuesday, May 9, 2017


1. Determine Your Destination

First things first:Find the location, Will it be to the beach,a museum,or simply a fancy place?One of your girls should choose a destination,play ring leader and get your plans on board.

2. Choose a leader
Most cliques include at least one type A #BossBitch who is super-organized, list- obsessed,  and will be down to lead. And that’s okay as long as she respects input. from others.

3. Time It Right
Find the middle point between a destination's high and low seasons.ie when visitors will be few and the rates are low.

4. Choose your company secretively
Choose people who love to have fun and don't stress much over those who are likely to mess up your trip.

5. Get Organized
Write down a list of things you will need while on your trip and pack them up.

7. Figure Out Ways to Get There
Is it by plane or by car?Renting a van may be simpler if the place is near but if you have to leave the country then you have to book a plane ticket in advance.

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