Wednesday, July 19, 2017


The best thing about being a blogger is that you get invited to fine-as-hell events and for free, or at a subsidized cost,at most.So imagine my delight when I was invited to the Kampala Pop Up fine dining experience?Excited doesn't begin to describe it.I was exhilarated!!!
The experience promised a five course french cuisine,a pointer that set my imagination running.I wanted to find out for myself what this whole fuss about French food is.
Must I add that am also a foodie,a lazy one.The kind that likes to eat well and not cook at all, haha.
So to be invited to an event where I was supposed to sit my ass down and experience the best in french food was a massage to my lazy self.

At exactly 8pm, already late by 30 minutes, I arrived at the Amagara Cafe Bistro Nakawa,located right at the entrance of Makerere University Business School.As soon as I entered, I was immediately greeted by a romantic atmosphere.The subtle lights,the well set tables, were all something out of a dream.To illustrate, each of the tables boasted of a fine set of dinner ware and centerpieces of white roses.I settled for an empty table,sitting beside myself with glee.

The rest of the restaurant was filled to the brim with exotic guests chatting away over glittering glasses of wine.
So naturally,I too, started off with a glass of white dry wine followed by another of white sweet wine and since am not good with alcohol, I got tipsy before I could even eat anything, haha.
My solitude ended when I was  joined by music sensation Rema,(imagine a celebrity,who am I?haha) who had come with two of her friends and thus made the able equation complete.
Her company alongside that of her friends was the proverbial icing on the cake of what turned out to be a night to remember.She really is fun company and even more beautiful in person.

The food?Oh yes, it met my very high standards and more.I now subscribe to the belief that french food is the best, based on my one first and best experience thus far.Especially if you have chefs such as Benoit Defait and Rose Soula running things.

At the end of the night,each guest was gifted with a bottle of fine salad dressing to continue with the sophistication back home.

Since I don't have any 'sober' pictures of myself allow me to use some of those in attendance.(as shown above)
Side note:Thanks to the organizer Kasha Konga for the invite,I am in debt.

And now to the food.

1.The starter-Amouse Bouche ,french for 'mouth amuser.'
Local smoked Tilapia Branded,Beetroot(center) and Crispy Plantain.My favorite from the night!

2.Soup course
Butternut cream with wasabi sesame-very delish and 'buttery' .Tastes kinda like sophisticated baby food.

Crispy Fondant Mayuni and Black Sesame
This meal had my taste buds lost a bit but was amazing nonetheless.

4.Main Course-Yokuku Chicken Supreme stuffed with Kyaninga Toro Ash Goat Cheese and Hearbs,Boulanger potatoes and Current Puree.As well plated as it was yummy.

Crunchy Pineapples,Vanilla Freshness with Ugandan exotic juices.Absolutely heavenly!

Melting chocolate tart,cocoa opaline.

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