Sunday, August 6, 2017


I don't know who coined the term slay queen but it has taken on a very funny meaning of late.It was initially meant to define someone who dresses beautifully all the time as in the term 'slays.' But now,it  has taken on a more comical approach.
A slay queen has come to mean a woman who only cares about the high life, no matter the cost.A vain/blonde woman so to speak.
And in light of the latter definition,I will bring you a few tips on how to be a slay queen-Ugandan style.

1.Don't hustle
A slay queen should not be seen using taxis,running under the sun to get jobs done.A slay queen sits at home,files her nails,watches Keeping up with the Kardashians and parties at night.While others eat from their sweat,a slay queen eats from her beauty.There are plenty of men who are dying to spoil her and she lets them.One will buy her a new phone,another will take her to Dubai, like that.Her life is a dream that other ordinary girls only see in movies.

2.You have to slay.
Every day!You should be seen rocking all the latest trends.If Kim Kardashian wears something,you will have to get it the next day by hook or crook.It is your duty to slay and flaunt it.If something becomes too common,you have to throw it away.
A slay queen is a major girl and as such she has to stand out from the rest.Everything from her eyelashes to her shoes has to be popping!
When a slay queen enters a place,everybody has to drop whatever they are doing and stare at her.She was born to shine and she does just that.Even her perfume has to smell like a million dollars.
She doesnt care about decency or morals or public opinion.Public opinion doesn't pay the bills.

3.You have to use people
A slay queen knows what she wants out of life and she is not afraid to get it even if she has to step on other people.She only makes friends with people who matter, people who have MONEY.

If you don't have money,a slay queen won't have time for you.Its even worse if you have problems,she will run away.A slay queen is about the easy life,she doesnt want stress.If you bring her stress she will drop you like a hot potato and move on exactly the next day.

A slay queen only has you in their life if they are going to use you for something.Either you will run errands for her,drive her around town or do something for her.If you don't benefit her,a slay queen will find other people to use.

4.A slay queen has to make men die for her
If a man hasn't tried to die for you, you are not a slay queen.Men just like her,they just want to do anything for her.If a man hasn't tried to die for you,to leave his marriage for you,to spend his year's salary on you,you are not a slay queen.

5.Life is a competition and you have to come out on top.
If you have a clique of friends and they all slay,you have to leave that group.You have to be the one that slays best.Anyone that tries to outslay you is an enemy trying to dull your shine.Find yourself a group of friends that can allow you to shine the most.That is your type of clique.

6.Social media is life
A slay queen lives for social media.If she buys a new phone,she will announce it on social media,if she gets a new car,her haters have to know that she is making it in life.They have to die of jealousy.
Each picture is properly taken and edited to get as many likes as she possibly can and to assure everybody that she is the queen.

7.A slay queen shouldn't be afraid of adjusting their body
If bleaching will get you the life you want, you just have to do it! African men like women who look flashy, shining from head to toe.
Don't be afraid is all about getting what you want whichever way you can.If you must wear artificial bums then so be it.Whatever you do,you have to come out looking lit.
If you can afford surgery my dear,why waste time?Go for it.Your waist has to be the size of a wasp and your boobs and booty must be falling all over the place.

And that my dears, is what it takes to be a slay queen in Uganda or Africa for that matter.

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