Sunday, August 6, 2017


Here is the thing with Ugandans,they slay!No matter the status of an event,you can always be sure that they will bring their A game.So if you are not really ready to attend an event,you will get the shock of your life.If you know what I mean.
The Uganda Music Awards are very new on the scene but that was no excuse for some people to show up looking shabby,especially if they can afford not to.
So as usual,I will break down who slayed and who failed.

1.Aamito Stacie Lagum
She came,she saw,she conquered!Aamito has a very interesting sense of style that borders on something between tom-boyish and sexy and this outfit right here helps define it.She owned it.

2.Miss Deedan
Miss Deedan is a slayer.Period.No matter the event,she always puts in plenty of effort to look the part and this look is testament to how on-top-of-her-game,this chic is.I love love it.Slay girl!

3.This chic
This look was beautiful but pretty too much for a new awards event.It is something a bride would wear as a changing dress.So nay.

4.What is going on here?The feathers,the head wrap,the material of the skirt..there is too much going on.And it is not fancy.

I want to love this look so much,mostly because Ellah is such a beautiful woman.But that top looks like it was thrown on last minute and then there is the pink bra popping through,
A black body suit would have worked better with that glorious skirt.Nonetheless am here for that makeup and loop earrings and the silhoutte of her whole ensemble.

6.Crystal Newman
Crystal!This look is beautiful!You guys, this woman is the definition of phenomenal and this red ensemble helped to bring it out.I love ,I love ,I love!

7.Sheila Gashumba
The petite star is certainly one of  the best dressed young women in the country and this outfit is all types of gorgeous.It was simple,yes,but perfect for a new event.
I am not here for the makeup though, especially because she had such impeccable makeup at the Asfa's media launch.Stick with Ziper,Sheila.

8.Bettinah Tianah
There is a quiet confidence about Bettinah that radiates in everything Bettinah wears that I find super sexy.She doesn't try so hard to slay and yet somehow she always brings it.
Although the dark olive colour dulls her beautiful complexion.

9.Judith Heard
Its Judith Heard season,if you have been following her closely.She has been showing up to almost every event and slaying.
This outfit is a no for me because its so not red carpet.
It reminds me of Halleberry's costume in cat woman,very adventurous,sexy but certainly not for the red carpet.

10.Malaika Nyanzi and co-host Brian
Am here for Malaika's shoes. Girl,I love! But the  dress was too simple.A pair of statement earrings, popping makeup and a clutch would have helped to give her outfit life.And Brian..oh well..I will pass.
                                              11. Fashion designer Fatumah Asha
2017 has been been her year and her brand continues to grow in leaps and bounds.And this thigh high slit dress says, 'sexy mama,' with a touch of elegance.Love love it!

12.The blue crop top and pants trend look lovely on this beauty below.I wish her makeup was more popping and her earrings brighter but nonetheless I love this look.Certainly something I would wear.

13.Honey this is a blankets and wine type of outfit,not a red-carpet-at -the-Serena outfit.You are super stylish but no, you didnt bring it.

14.Yass honey!You killed it!

15.Black never looked so elegant.Easy does it.I love this look.
                                                            16. Lilian Mbabazi
We have seen Lilian do so much better than this.This look makes her appear washed out and it did not help matters that she was standing next to Miss Deedan.

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