Wednesday, December 6, 2017


If you have been following my blogging journey for a while now you know that is has not been an easy ride.I have been asked to pull down posts, been blocked by celebrities, been accused of labelling people, that plus being called all sorts of names.And ofcourse, my red carpet outfits have become the topic of ridicule, sometimes unwarranted. It's almost like people cant wait for you to make a mistake so that they can laugh and make snide comments, lol.
I have witnessed lots of people laugh at my style of writing and doing things and then later COPY me.

Recently someone likened my hairstyle to a poop emoji and my shoes to aluminium foil and believe you me I laughed about it.Because I have grown a thick skin and such things don't bother me anymore.
Trouble began when some other people took it a notch higher and went ahead to attack the boutique where I got the clothes from even as far as going to said boutique to trash talk me.Whereas I was quite flattered with the amount of attention my outfit got, I never want this to affect anybody's business out there,especially if they work so hard and toil to see it grow.
With all that being said, I loved my outfit because of the way it made me feel.Not everybody agreed with me in its execution and that's ok. But some comments were beyond mean and harsh.They were meant to make me insecure or even cry.
And in all honesty, these internet streets are so harsh that if you are not confident and sure of yourself you will give up; I pity the kids who will grow up in the next generations after us.
As a blogger, I personally put in plenty of effort to critic people in a  positive way that doesn't demean them or affect their self esteem.But sometimes people will get hurt no matter how nice you try to be and I have had to make peace with that. And so when I make a fashion mistake, these very people are proud to have an opportunity to revenge and call me names.
I started blogging 5 years ago before the word blogging even became popular let alone fashion blogging.And whereas I cannot say I am solely responsible for making fashion blogging  in Uganda popular, I know that my hard work(read sleepless nights), sweat and tears have added some bricks to the foundation that is the fashion industry in Uganda.
Now my lesson to you and to everybody that is struggling with social media criticism is that you should not let these dream killers project their insecurities on you.Let them say whatever, but don’t argue. Let it go in one ear and out the other. And then you get to work, doing what your heart, dreams, and mind are set on!
Much love,
Miss Amarachi.

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